• Events

    If you’re putting on an event you’ll need quality images for your website, social media updates and subsequent print materials. If you don’t have good images, it didn’t happen.
  • Meet Dr Jeannette Kelly

    How do you choose to become a veterinary oncologist, and how does it shape the way you think about your work?
  • New Website for Vet’s Practice

    A full service website for a veterinary oncology practice showing the compassion of their approach.
  • Curbside Cuisine

    What happens when a French chef and some classic Americana collide?
  • Folk Art Artisans Profiles

    Slideshow of photographs with voiceover to tell the story of amazing artists.
  • Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

    A revamp for a long-term client modernizes the look and functionality of their site.
  • Published Work

    Examples of my photography and writing work published in magazines and other places.
  • Caring for Pets with Cancer

    A Santa Fe practice brings skill and compassion to the care of much-loved pets.
  • Schools and Classes

    What is it really like in a pre-school or ballet class?