How we do things is important as what we do. A successful site is the product of a professional process, as well as creative solutions. We are committed to professionalism and openness in all our dealings.

Communication is key

We work on the basis that people are coming to your site looking for information, not to marvel at the graphics or technical infrastructure that supports that information. Getting the graphics and technology right is important, of course, but the key focus should be on three things:

  • what are your objectives for the site?
  • who are your audience, and what are they looking for?
  • how can you satisfy your organization’s objectives and your audience needs in the clearest and most effective way?

Usable and responsive

This user-centered approach leads naturally to a concern for usability and responsive design – making sure the site is easy to use for your audience whether they’re on their computer at work or their mobile device on the couch at home. As more and more people look for information on their smartphones and tablets, your site has to work well on all of them.

Ties to Social Media

Whether it’s sharing blog posts or creating an email newsletter, your site has to act as the hub of a social media presence. We’re familiar with linking to social media platforms, setting up the necessary accounts and showing you how all your channels can play nicely together.

Content is King

Creating the website is not even half the work required in running a good online presence, but the site has to be designed to showcase the good content you’ll need to plan and create. Our principal David Moore is a journalist and photographer as well as a web developer, so it’s natural we take a content-focused approach to the sites we design, making sure material is easy to find and the site can grow over time.

If you need help with developing a content strategy or creating the content itself, check out our sister company Moore Story, set up to create compelling online content.

Solid look and feel, or something more design-led?

When it comes to the look and feel of your site, we’re offer a number of choices to meet your needs. For simpler sites or where budget constraints limit our options, we’ll often design in-house, creating clean sites that have a minimalist approach. For example, the Veterinary Cancer Care, City of Santa Fe Economic Development and Alan Ross Photography sites were  designed in-house.

If the site needs to a richer or more prominent design, we’ll bring on board experienced designers we have relationships with to deliver a more design-led solution (or you may have a designer you’ve worked with for offline material). This is more costly, but can deliver a more powerful visual effect. The sites for Guest Curator and the New Mexico Community Foundation were developed in this way, working with Eric Griego of Firestik Studio (whose site I also built).