Multimedia and video packages are a great way to tell your stories. You speaking about your passion in your own voice has a power that can’t be matched by dry recitation of facts. Or stringing your great photographs together into a slideshow with the right music can create a feeling that draws your audience in.

These pieces are great for sharing too – they’re exactly the sort of thing that gets tweeted about or shared through  other social channels. A few years ago I put together a video for my children’s photography business (a sideline I enjoy greatly). I wrote and recorded a short script about how much I loved taking photos of kids, outlined my approach and showed some of my work. I put it up on YouTube, mainly as an easy way to embed it into my site, and half forgot about it. The next time I checked, it had received 5,000 views – it’s now up to 13,000.

Being a journalist who can write, photograph and shoot video gives me the skills to work with you to craft multimedia pieces that move and inform.

Here’s a recent piece I did for a veterinary oncologist: