You Design, We Build

If you’re a graphic designer who mainly does print work but are looking to extend your offerings to websites, we can help. We’ve worked with a range of designers collaboratively, where they do the primary work in developing the look and feel for the site, with our input on what’s possible and practical. We then take the look and feel (usually in Photoshop) and create a fully functional WordPress site out of the design, developing custom templates, fields and behaviours to match exactly what the designer had in mind.

The IAIA set of sites (for the College, Museum and Center for Lifelong Learning), for example, was developed in this way for The Arnold Group, working with Nicole Rassmuson of Rasmusson Design. And we’ve developed several sites collaboratively with Eric Griego of Firestik Studio, including the NMCF and Guest Curator sites.

Sometimes, I’ll also work closely with the ultimate client to help on site strategy and planning, but other times I’ll only work with the designer to build their vision for the site – whichever works for you.

This can be a great way to provide website development services to your clients allowing you to offer a consistent approach to all their work, without you having to become an expert in HTML and WordPress integration.